Joomla training sessions are available for groups or for one on one to help you get acquainted with the content management system. We can teach you the basics, intermediate or advanced level development of Joomla.

Custom Training Agendas

Before our training sessions, either online or in person, we will finalize the topics you want to learn.
On the day of training we will cover the areas that we have previously discussed, but this is only a starting point. You may have questions as we progress through the lesson and your training requirement may change. Because we are Joomla Gurus, we can teach "on the fly", which means that your training remains flexible, although less structured. You will learn the skills you need to maintain your site.

Standard Joomla Training

If you don't know what you don't know, then Standard Joomla Training is for you. We teach what you need to know. If you are going to be responsible for keeping your site running, listed well on search engines, and up to date with all security patches, then the Administrator Track is for you.
But if you are going to maintain a blog, add new content, or help manager users, then the Editor Track is for you.

HTML and Web Basics

Not every website needs to be powered by a content management system, like Joomla or Wordpress. Simple sites that are not updated often can usually be created using a variety of applications that create static HTML. No matter what tool you use to maintain your website, we can help you use it more efficiently.


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