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We use several web hosting companies here at Creative Reboot. While we have one host that we prefer above all others (SRIHosting), we have recently decided to give Siteground a try.

Their response to the Bluehost-forced-Joomla-update fiasco was spot on.

This site is hosted by Siteground and we couldn't be happier with the service and performance.

The Problem

We had a client that was using Rochen, at our recommendation. For years, we have been very happy with Rochen and have hosted several sites there. But for the past 6 months or so, we have noticed a signifant performance slow down for one hosting account. So, just as a test, we decieded to put a copy of that site on a basic Siteground shared hosting account, just to see how it performed.

We were blown away. The administrative backend saw amazing improvements. Backups that took more than 30 minutes on the Rochen server were done in just a few minutes with Siteground. The front-end of the site also saw a significant improvement in performance. We were sold. Time to move to Siteground.

To be fair, we did not take up this issue with Rochen support. This isn't a review of Rochen's services. This is a review of the Siteground new account setup and migration process.

The Switch

Two days before the switch, we started setting up an account with Siteground but stopped half way through. Their sales team followed up the next day and sent us a 30 day free trial offer.
We setup a new GoGeek Siteground account at 11am
45 minutes later, we heard back from tech support. The free migration service was for one domain only and we had three tied to that account. They comped the second domain and we paid the small migration fee for the third.
2 hours later, the transfer was initiated.
9 hours later, all domains, cPanel settings, databases and files were up and running on Siteground's servers.

The Result

12 hours from start to finish and all three sites were all transfered and fully functional.

We could have spent that time with Rochen tech support, trying to figure out why the sites were performing so poorly. Maybe we could have fixed the underlying issue in less than 12 hours. We will never know. That course of action was a gamble. Moving the site to Siteground was already tested and we knew it would work.

Try it yourself!

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Written by Renea Leathers
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