Web Design and Development

Lumalier Corporation

We have built several sites for Lumalier. The current version was built with Joomla 2.5, features a document manager with advanced access level controls and a product ordering system.



Other projects for Lumalier
  • Combination of photography and heavy manipulation.
  • These bulbs can cause damage to the eyes and skin, so photographing them in use was a challenge.
  • Digital "stamp" for print and web use
  • Multiple location shoots in physician offices, chemo facilities, gyms and daycare centers
  • Targeted marketing materials were designed and location photography was merged with stock art.
  • Detailed product photography was shot on site
  • Full-line product brochure with emphasis on medical and commercial markets
  • Specialized sales teams for specific products
  • Custom brochure for in-home resellers

Creative Reboot is small design group that specializes in bridging the gap between creativity and technology.