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Global, multilanguage extranet built with Joomla

Built to replace a commercial, enterprise-grade CMS, this Joomla-powered extranet has changed the way this medical device manufacturer communicates with it's sales force. With tablet and phone optimized displays, HTML5 video playback, private social networking, forums, and an integrated e-newsletter component, this site optimized the communication channel from corporate to the global sales force.

Project Overview

We were originally tasked with maintenance work for an existing, commerical CMS that was being deployed as part of a larger corporate initiative. After a few months of assisting with wireframes, compiling content and testing code, it became clear that there was a better solution.

So we quickly setup a Joomla 1.5 site, filled it with some of the content we had already compiled, and did a brief demo with the business stakeholders. The speed, flexibility and power of Joomla quickly won them over. Our initial development included:

  • Remository - document management
  • Kunena - forums
  • AcyMainling - email marketing
  • JComments - commenting
  • Fabrik - form and web application builder
  • Virtuemart - product ordering
  • MetaMod - custom module displays

Over the next few years, we continued maintaining the site content/users, rolling out new functionality, and closely monitoring site analytics. Within two years, the site achieved it's goal of 100% usage amoung its intended users.

Then something unexpected happened. Site usage continued to grow in global markets, even though there was no content on the site specifically for those users. The success of this site highlighted the need for more content, targeted at countries other than the United States.

Going Global

We launched a 1.5 site for the United States, upgraded to a 2.5 site and refined functionality. Now, the site has gone global, with French, Italian, German and Spanish language content. The site shows specific templates, modules, articles and documents to each geographic region, based on both Joomla user groups and geo-location. English content has been split between the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States, each with its own homepage and its own content.

It is amazing what you can do with Joomla!

  • Using Joomla to replace a commercial CMS, an extranet site was developed as a marketing and communication tool for this company's global salesforce.
  • Two advanced document managers have been used in the life of the site, Remository and more recently DocMan.
  • Shortly after site launch, Apple released the iPhone and the users started using the site on their mobile devices. We quickly upgraded the video platform from a podcast based solution to an HTML5 streaming one.
  • Private iOS and Android app distribution is handled by the extranet.
  • JomSocial was used to create a private social network, allowing regional groups to extend communication channels.

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