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A Therapist Will is a professional will for the purposes of providing for continued treatment of a psychotherapist’s clients and maintenance/destruction of clinical files in the event the therapist becomes incapacitated or dies. TherapistWill.com provides a practical, low cost solution so that a therapist can create their own personalized document and meet this important obligation.



Project Overview

We came into the project after several developers had stumbled. After scoping out the project, there was a substantial amount of cleanup we had to do to get the Joomla installation cleaned up. We helped refine the project down to the minimum viable product. We also put a plan in place for future development if the initial launch was successful.

  • Starting with California, we configured RSForms to collect all the relevant information from the user.
  • Then the amazing team at SRI Hosting built a PDF engine on top of the Joomla framework, using the data collected by the form.
  • They tied in PayPal to the PDF engine, creating a very simplified process for the end user.
  • While we managed the subcontracted project work, we helped refine the marketing message and prepare the site for launch.


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