Web Design and Development


Project Overview


The purpose for this project was to consolidate as many of the freestanding ENMU websites as possible into one CMS. In total, 10 sites were reviewed, edited, and combined into one CMS with thousands of pages and menus.

The goal of this project was to reduce the site maintenance work for ENMU staff, automate content submissions, simplify content updates, create an access-level workflow that can be scaled, improve site performance, and simplify the path for future updates to the Joomla! code base.


Project Plan


We spent two days meeting with all stakeholders for the existing sites. By doing this in person, we were able to accurately determine pain points in the existing setup while accurately assessing business needs moving forward.

Step 1 – Mapping (Content Audit)

All existing content had to be audited and organized. The CMS structure, as well as the site navigation structure were all finalized. This is the most logical time to review your site keywords, so all SEO planning started at this stage. Content creation processes were also built and documented at this time. User permissions for the site were also planned.

Step 2 – Wireframes

A previous developer had completed dozens of new wireframes for the new site. We modified and consolidated those options down to 6 page templates.

Step 3 – Duplication

When you merge the content from 10 different websites, there is going to be duplicated content. We removed all duplication and setup redirects for all duplicated content.

Step 4 –Migration

All remaining content was migrated into the new CMS, the new site navigation was created, and all old URLs were redirected to their new location.

Step 5 – Template

Using a commercial Bootstrap template as a base, we customized the desktop design and built a unique mobile design from scratch. The new site also has a CCK (content creation kit) installed for the homepage, allowing our client to easily update and change the content of their homepage without touching code.

Step 6 – Pre-Launch and Launch

To eliminate site downtime, our hosting company setup a complete copy of the live server. After we completed all pre-launch testing, Khoza did their magic to switch from the DEV server to the LIVE server. The new site went live with zero down time between the old site and the launch of the new.

Step 7 – Training

We trained the client in all relevant knowledge so they have a more in-depth understanding of the capabilities of the Joomla! CMS. Training materials, including written and video guides, were specifically created to address gaps in staff knowledge. The goal of the training materials was to make the ENMU technical team self-sufficient concerning future site architecture changes. 

Step 8 – Maintenance

The goal of this project was to remove ENMU's dependance on outside contractors for site maintenance and minor functionality changes. Our client was so happy with the results of the new site that they keep us on a yearly retainer, just to be able to pick our brains at a monent's notice.


Check out the live site at ENMU.edu


Sample Pages


  • Mobile Layout
  • News template
  • The tablet+ version of the ENMU homepage
  • Even crazy tables look good
  • Secondary Page Template for tablet+

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