Photography and Illustration

Whether we are shooting on location or in the studio, we can create the the perfect image.

Here are a few examples of our more memorable product shoots.

  • These bulbs can cause damage to the eyes and skin, so photographing them in use was a challenge.
  • A mock roof was constructed in the studio for these images.
  • Perk of location food photography? You get to eat the models.
  • Food shot on location
  • The discount store had a sale on plastic "stones" and hot glue. This poor flower melted shortly after. Studio lights are kinda hot.
  • Hard drives with moving parts can be salvaged before dying if stored in the freezer for hours. Encasing it in ice was just for fun.
  • Standard product shot
  • Combination of photography and heavy manipulation.
  • It was a bad laptop and deserved everything that happened to it.

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