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Adobe DPS Workflow

Empowering clients to build exceptional content

So many companies build apps with no plan for how to maintain or update them as the Apple-scented winds shift. But with a lot of planning, a clear strategy and a little luck, app development costs can be controlled, maintenance updates can be managed and even small companies can create some amazing iOS/Android or Windows mobile apps.

For more than a year, we evaluated Adobe's Digital Publishing Suite. For another six months, we built a number of development apps to fully test functionality. During this 18 month period, we ran numerous pitch meetings with IT, marketing, communication, product and development departments. In the end, each department in this company saw the amazing value that Adobe's platform brought.

In-house designers, who had been working with InDesign for years, could quickly be trained to create engaging, interactive content. Interactive content became a topic of conversation at the beginning of a marketing campaign instead of an after thought. Sky-rocketting app development costs were slashed. Vendor mobile OS updates no longer brought apps to a halt.

While we still create some interactive content, we shifted into a platform maintenance role. As a technical liason, we provide training for designers, we establish content workflows and ensure that all parties adhere to established processes. Working with designers and translation teams around the world, we have helped this company streamline their app creation and maintenance while allowing an amazing level of flexibility to individual departments.

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