iOS and Android tablet apps

Knowing that one-off app development was not a practical business model, we decided to use the Digital Publishing Suite from Adobe to develop our iOS and Android apps for both private and public distribution.

We transformed existing print and video content into rich app experiences enhanced with DPS elements including slideshows, animations, videos and audio clips.

Sales Apps
Smith & Nephew has armed their sales reps with iPads. Sales teams now have integrated, customer-facing information in one tablet app, such as white papers, product information, and surgery videos, reducing the cumbersome materials associated with the sales cycle. At the end of the sales meeting, the sales person can also order patient brochures and other materials for the surgeon from the tablet, streamlining the sales process. The sales person can even share parts of the app with the physician, either on his tablet or desktop.

Patient Education Apps
When patients have health care questions, they often seek it out on their own. In fact, approximately 80% of patients seek out health information on the web. The tablet is a great way to connect with and educate patients. With complex procedures, like joint replacement, a tablet app can be used by patients to gain a greater understanding of the procedure, maximizing time spent with the doctor on individualized care instead of general information.

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